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Boxheart Nametags

Online Ordering Options For Standard Button and Nametag Catalog Designs:

  • 3" Button
  • 2 ⅜" Button
  • 3½" x2" Laminated tags


Pricing is for buttons or laminated tags only. This does not include name tag clips, lanyards, magnets, etc., these items are available as add-ons once your design is placed in the shopping cart.

  • 1-10 @ $15.00 each
  • 11-20 @ $13.75 each
  • 21-40 @ $12.50 each
  • 41-60 @ $10.50 each
  • 61-80 @ $8.50 each
  • 81-100 @$7.50 each
  • Ordering more than 100 buttons? - Please contact Jonnie


  • Clip for laminated tag: $1.00 each
  • Pin back for laminated tags: $.50 each
  • Lanyard: $2.00 each (blue or pink breakaway lanyards)
  • Very strong, wearable magnet: $2.00 each

Design/Color Change Fee: $10.00 each.

Some items can not be changed as they are printed. If you want specific coloring or changes in the design there is an additional fee. For many of the designs with multiple children, the children are multiracial and the designs can't be changed.

Favorite Colors? If I am able, I'll try to incorporate your favorite color.  No promises. Sometimes a design is printed and I am not able to make the color changes.”

Custom Buttons or Laminated Tags: $25.00 each.

Your ideas or mine come to life as lighthearted hand drawn and colored cartoon characters on personalized buttons or laminated tags.

Please send photographs and/or detailed information, ie. people or pets, animals , flags from countries or anything specific that will help me create your name tag or button. I do not want to make an error on your very special order. Email any pictures, photographs or important information to me: AFTER you order online.

- unfortunately, there is no quantity discount for custom buttons or custom laminated tags  -

Go here to purchase a custom button or laminated tag

Boxheart Custom Button DesignShipping and Handling:

  • $5.50 for 1-14 items
  • $10.50 for 15 and up items
  • Ordering more than 80 buttons? - Please contact Jonnie

Shipping prices subject to change

Although one-of-a-kind caricature buttons are our specialty, Boxheart Buttons offer just the right touch for:

  • Birthday Parties - a terrific gift for each guest
  • New Parents - commemorate a blessed event
  • Teachers - a big hit at Open Houses
  • Graduation - congratulate the graduate
  • Reunions/Seminars - personalized for each participant
  • Corporate Meetings - great for brainstorming sessions
  • Employee Gifts - one size fits all
  • Sales Representatives - unique customer ice-breaker
  • Pets - Spot, Rover, or Tabby immortalized
  • Hair Salons - a bit of fun and practical, too
  • Teams - a button for each squad member
  • Scouts - perfect for field trip identification

For the team button: "Your whimsical buttons were a real hit at our end-of-the-season party. Thanks!" C.J.B, Indiana

WARNING - Some of these product can expose you to chemicals, which are known in the State of California to cause cancer.
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