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Custom Laminated Name Tags

Below are a few examples of a new style of custom laminated name tags I’ve created. As each design is developed around your own name, each one is distinct and a little bit different. No two will be alike.

Want a custom Button or Name Tag? Following these 4 steps makes the process easy!


  1. If you request a specific item, ie. people, pets, tools of your trade, logos, etc. and have any photos of what you are looking for, send them via email immediately to after ordering online. This helps keep the process efficient!
  2. Include your favorite colors and details. Color for the outside button or label edge, scrub/stethoscope colors, dog breed & color, hair color like dark brown, light brown, etc.
  3. My custom button and labels are drawn just for you…the more info you give me, the cuter it will be. You can note the most important items from first to last in the case where one detail or the other would matter if I’m unable to re-create a detail.
  4. Please understand that I CAN NOT CONTACT EVERYONE FOR CLARIFICATION. I will draw your custom button or label based on the info that you send at the time of the order



Boxheart Button Design Badge-001
Boxheart Button Design badge-002
Boxheart Button Design Badge-003
Boxheart Button Design badge-004
Boxheart Button Design badge-005
Boxheart Button Design badge-006
Boxheart Button Design badge-007
Boxheart Button Design badge-008
Boxheart Button Design badge-009
Boxheart Button Design badge-010
Boxheart Button Design badge-012

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Top Line Text - Name on Name Tag:

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Optional Line of Text Below Credentials:

Comments or Notes about Your Name Tag Design:


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